Kenj Nabirye

Kenj Nabirye

Ruparelia Group Eyes Chinese Flower Market

Rosebud KPN Limited, a subsidiary of Ruparelia Group has expressed interest to export rose flowers to the Chinese market.

Speaking to Chinese journalists at the Kunming Flower Exhibition, Rajiv Ruparelia, the managing director of Rosebud said China is a potentially huge market.

Rajiv told the Chinese that from their green houses in Uganda, they produce half a million roses a day using environmentally friendly technology.

“We currently supply to the European market. We are now looking at supplying our roses to China. It is a huge market,” he said.

He said they have a variety or roses species coming in different colors and stems. “We guarantee our roses for ten days from time they arrive in China,”

“If there is a problem with any of our roses we replace them for free. “Our main competitive advantage is our consistency in production and supply as well as quality assurance.

Under Rosebud and Premier Roses, Ruparelia Group has remained the leading exporter of rose flowers in the country.

It is believed that Rosebud exported close to 16m high quality Rose stems to the World market during this year’s International Mother’s day last year.

"Statistics emerging from the sector indicate that Rosebud did our country proud by way of increasing their export capacity down from the normal 13m stems per month to over 16m respectively just within that one month of International Mother’s day festive," state minister for trade and cooperatives Michael Werikhe said last year.

Rajiv last year said Rosebud is now well placed and has capacity to export more high quality Rose flowers to the World market because they have increased on their acreage output, fighting pests on farm and the deliberate introduction of new high quality flower species.

"Rosebud assures the country that they have developed full capacity that enables them to export more volumes of flowers to the world  and promised to continue creating more jobs especially  empowering the women who are vulnerable to poverty as they carry the biggest burden of nurturing their families" Rajiv observed.

The Ruparelia Group last year acquired more land for the flower growing business. This land was acquired in Mukono and Masaka districts.

Already the family runs flower farms and production centers in Entebbe, Wakiso, in Wakiso district, just outside the capital Kampala.

Rosebud Limited and Premier Roses have put in place the right modern technology to ensure that the environment is health and that their workers are not in danger of any pollution.

“Our farm is equipped with the most modern water recycling equipment's that has helped to reduce land filling, need for conventional waste disposal and emission of greenhouse gases in our farm,” Rosebud revealed to this website in an interview highlighting the investment the company has done to safeguard the environment.

“We are continually doing research and development to conserve the environment, reduce the use of agrochemicals and improve efficiency in the use of natural resources. Our goal is to continue to co-exist with the natural environment and ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees,” it added.

Comedy Continues To Breathe Life Into Rock Bar

Nightlife in Kampala comes in many shapes, colors and sound but also, sometimes, it comes with so much laughter courtesy of comedy nights in various hangout places.


Comedy nights have earned a big presence on the night roaster in Kampala and have in the end become a darling for people who would want to kill off some stress. And Rock Bar and Grill at Speke Hotel has fast become the place to be for comedy every Tuesday evening.


Premised in the heart of Kampala, Rock Bar is riding on the advantage of being accessible to take the throne of being the number one comedy spot with the Rock Comedy Show which is sponsored by Sanyu Fm.


Rock Bar has a good ambiance, another advantage which has been worked on over the years the bar has served Kampala. It only improves and gets better.


The Rock Comedy Show is respected by partiers because of the kind of comedians that perform – these comedy stars ride on experience, artistry and talent. They have been in the game for long to falter.


Even the upcoming comedians are learning from the best, building their craft with accurancy, confidence and art.


Some of the comedians who perform at Rock Bar include Snake and Zolo, Smart Ayokyayokya, Musiimenta Ronnie McVex, The Talkers, Mc Mariach, adrat and Chiko, Senga Nantume Justin, Jajja Bruce, Okello okello, Niro & Brown.


These are often backed up by singers and instrumentalists to complete the puzzle. Music and comedy are synonymous and live together. Happy k – saxophonist and other talented muscians have graced the stage at Rock Bar along comedy.


Rock Bar & Grill has everything you could want on your menu of choice. The legendary bar is renowned in Kampala for being awash will all sorts of drink and delicious food.


Rajiv Ruparelia Second At Debut Race

The long awaited debut for Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team came this Sunday at Enduro Autocross Championship 2019 that took place at Zion Estate, Ssisa.

Rajiv Ruparelia, the team’s lead racer, showed steeliness, resolve and intent that he is in it to compete rather than add to the numbers of racers.

It took the agility of experienced racer Ronald Ssebuguzi to deny Rajiv a debut win. Clocking 10:04 minutes, Ssebuguzi got the better of Rajiv’s 10:44 minutes. In third place was Jonas Kasiime clocking 10:54 minutes.

Rajiv Ruparelia Rally Team nicknamed Double Trouble cruises in a VW Polo Proto which was recently unveiled to the public at groovy at Speke Hotel’s Rock Bar and Grill. Rajiv is navigated by Ronnie Walia and managed by Dipu Ruparelia.


According to today exhibition, Rajiv says he is ready to keep the foot on the accelerator pedal and give it a go in the upcoming Pearl of Africa rally under the Federation of Motor Sport in Uganda (FMU).

Rajiv recently received specialised training at the Rally Sports Academy from Sun Carousel, in Johannesburg, South Africa under the stewardship of Africa’s No.1 trainer Leone Botha.

Sudhir Wants Government To Fast Track Oil And Gas Production

The private sector is becoming impatient waiting for the promised oil and gas opportunities to open up. Entrepreneurs who have strategically positioned themselves to tap into these opportunities are calling on government to fast track these possibilities.

The latest to voice his frustration at the delays being experienced in the oil and gas sector is businessman Sudhir Ruparelia who has asked government to close the deals that are causing the delays for the development and production of the country’s oil.

“I would like to urge government to work towards closing the long awaited oil and gas opportunities. Many investors have made projections and investments based on that opportunity, the longer it takes to materialize, the more these investors will be hard pressed,” Sudhir told CEO East Africa in an exclusive interview.

Uganda and the international oil companies are expected to announce a Final Investment Decision (FID) in June. The FID will give guidance and explain how the oil companies will invest their money.

Once the oil companies decide where and how to invest, key contracts will be announced and awarded to qualifying contractors many of whom are expected to be local companies especially in the service industry.

While conducting Havana prayer for Kingdom Kampala mall on Sunday, Rajiv Ruparelia, also of Ruparelia Group, said the multibillion complex providing office space is targeting the oil and gas sector.

“The opening of this property has come at a strategic time when we are trying to target the oil and gas sector as well as any other sectors that require office space,” Rajiv told journalists.

“We are trying to get new people who would be investing in the oil and gas. We hope the oil and gas deals are signed this year as we have been told. Once that takes off there will be extremely good economic movement in Uganda.” He added.

The Ruparelia Group through Speke Group of Hotels has had a taste of oil money. The Group’s hotels like Speke Resort Munyonyo and Kabira Country Club has been the preferred facilities for local and international oil and gas meetings.

In April this year, Uganda Chamber of Mines and Petroleum hosted the country’s leading oil and gas convention at Speke Resort. The ministry of energy and mineral development has also hosted the energy sector review meetings there.

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