Speke Hotel To Host Golola's Onaweza Talent Search

Goloa Moses is moving to promote kickboxing in Uganda with Onaweza Talent Search INTERNET PHOTO Goloa Moses is moving to promote kickboxing in Uganda with Onaweza Talent Search

Speke Hotel and Rock Bar and Grill in a unique partnership will host the inaugural search for talented kick boxers in the country through an initiative birthed by Moses Golola and Uganda Kick Boxing Federation.

Golola, the man credited for raising the kicking boxing flag in the country, through his Golola Talent Academy and Uganda Kick Boxing Federation have sought the services of Speke Hotel to roll out a talent search for kick boxers called Onaweza Talent Search.

Speaking at a press conference convened at Speke Hotel, Golola said many youths have joined the sport of kickboxing and now is the time to identify, nurture and support them so that the sport grows.

The talent search will commence with an exhibition fight on Friday, 29th November 2019 at the Rock Garden Bar, Speke Hotel in Kampala.

“Onawe is a Swahili word meaning you can. We want to tell these youths that they can achieve their kickboxing dreams. We are giving them an opportunity to come and showcase their talent here at Speke Hotel on 29th Nov 2019,” Golola said.

Golola, Uganda’s most famous and theatrical fighter said, they will take the search for top kick boxing talent across the country so that everyone gets an opportunity and that the best fighters are tapped and groomed.

“We want to see more kick boxers who will replace Golola. We want to see kick boxers will fill Freedom City with fights. We are going to all regions and cities looking for talent. Those who want to support us should contact us and we develop this sport,” Golola told journalist at the launch of the Onaweza Talent Search.

Pius Onechan, a local kick boxer welcomed the initiative while Wilson Bugabo, another boxer, said what Golola is doing now is what they have been lacking. “We have been playing but with little exposure. This is good and give us opportunities,” Bugabo said.

At least 150 vibrant and active clubs are being targeted by the end of 2020.

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