INTERVIEW: We Want To Be Solutions Center – Victoria University Dean

Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi, dean faculty of business and management at Victoria University Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi, dean faculty of business and management at Victoria University

Victoria University Kampala recently hired Nigerian associate professor Dr. Omotayo Adegbuyi as the new dean faculty of business and management. He took charge of his new office last month.

Earthfinds caught up with him for an exclusive interview to tell us what he brings to the fastest growing private university, his plans and importance of the faculty to the University. Below are the excerpts.

Dr. Omotayo, welcome to Victoria University Kampala,please briefly tell us about yourself as a person and your professional experience as an academician.

I’m an associate professor of marketing and entrepreneurship. I started my educational career at a University called Enugu State University of Technology in Nigeria where I had my first degree in Marketing.

In our country, we have what is called National Youth Service which requires that every graduate must serve his or her fatherland for one year before moving on to do other things preferred. It is a policy that is compulsory.

So I did that in 1998 at Nigerian Breweries PLC where I got practical and important marketing experience.

After the one year of youth service, I decided to further my education and went for my masters’ degree in marketing, this time at University of Lagos. When I finished my masters I went into employment. I

After years in formal employment, I got appointment to Covenant University as an assistant lecturer; it’s a private university just like you see Victoria University Kampala. That university was two years old when I joined in 2013.

Later, I applied for my PhD at Covenant University, also in marketing – all along, my life has been all about marketing. I had my PhD in 2011; eight years after I had joined as a lecturer.

 As a new University, it was not allowed to enroll students for master and PhD programs, it was after we graduated about four five sets of graduate that they allowed us to have PhD programs.

What attracted you to come to Victoria University and Uganda in particular?

 I was home and I received a phone call from a lady I didn’t know telling me about the opening at Victoria University in Kampala. Apparently they had looked at my profile and liked it.

I checked out Victoria University online and I saw that it had a good prospect; its future is bright. They sent me a questionnaire which I responded to and a few days later I was invited for an interview which we did on Skype.

Like I said before, this is a prospecting University just like when I started at Covenant University which was two years old when I joined. They are now the second biggest university in Nigeria.

So that is how I came to be here at Victoria University. Since I started with a young university, Covenant University, I said let me go and contribute to the development of Victoria University.

What should we expect from you as dean faculty of business and management studies here at Victoria University?

As a dean, I have been given responsibilities in my contract letter, very massive and a lot. I will divide them into three categories.

Number one, as a dean I am expected to coordinate academic activities of the University. To make sure lecturers are there on time and that they have quality notes they are giving to our students.

I have to also make sure that lecturers deliver their lectures using modern technology and equipment. The University has to be ranked among the best in Uganda and the world; you cannot achieve that unless you start with quality assurance with your teaching.

Apart from that, I also have to make sure students are there on time and lecturers must not miss class. Students must be proud about the lectures, how they feel about the lecturers and methods of teaching. I have to make sure the exams are of the right standards.

The second area is research. As a faculty, we are established to find solutions to problems – solution provider and center. So you need to research into the problems people, companies and community so that you come back and find solutions.

I am planning to introduce a program called Town and Gown Seminar Series. We will identify companies, invite their executives, managers to come and talk to our students. To tell them how it is done outside there. If we are talking about branding, we invite someone who is successful in branding.

Under research, we are teaching our students to write journal articles which we can publish under the name of the student and University address. The University gets to be known all over the world as a research university.

The third area is community service. No organization exists in community in isolation. We want to look at a situations where the University gives back to the community in form of corporate social responsibility.

How important is your faculty to this University and education system in the country at large?

The faculty is very key and important not only to the University but the entire economic system. We have business related courses that we offer like courses.

In this world, everybody is in business; no matter the job and business you are doing, you will need advice from our faculty.

We are planning to go into consultancy, like I said, the University is a solution tower so we are planning to go in the market and tell them that the University is organizing business clinics.

We will give them our proposal to train their staff. When we train them, they go back and see the impact. Apart from school fees, we are looking at consultancy to generate revenue for the university.

Why would a parent bring their child to the faculty of business and management here at Victoria University?

I would encourage a parent to bring a child here because the child has the prospects of establishing own business after the course. We are going to teach them how to start businesses from year one.

Another reason is all our courses are approved by the regulatory body. They have given us approval to run all those programs. So when a student finishes a program here, if they want to go and upgrade elsewhere, they can because our programs are approved and certified.

There is assurance that after the degree, our certificate is recognized worldwide. You apply for master in any university in any university in any part of the world. Also when we establish our post graduate programs, you can stay here.

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