Eve Mbasabye

Eve Mbasabye

Licensed Companies Cleared By Govt To Resume Labour Export

The minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development Frank Tumwebaze has announced that licensed companies involved in the sourcing of external employment for Ugandan migrant workers can resume their operations following a ban in March to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“This is to inform all licensed companies involved in the sourcing of external employment for Ugandan migrant workers, that following the relaxing of a number of COVID lockdown measures by Ministry of Health and resumption of air travel, Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development will be lifting the ban on labour export by licensed companies in accordance with the existing mandatory Covid SOPs for all travellers,” Tumwebaze said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Mr Tumwebaze further said his ministry’s PS will issue a detailed statement on the matter.

Labour externalization, especially among Ugandan youth who look for jobs in the Middle East, became one of the unprecedented causalities of Covid-19 when the government instituted drastic measures to contain the outbreak in Uganda. The government closed Entebbe airport and other points so that no one leaves or enters Uganda without authorization.

Uganda would later on October 1 reopened Entebbe airport and border entry points but maintain a noose on labour externalization something that anger companies that were eagerly waiting for the country to open up air travel. They protested this move by agreeing to close their businesses until the government hears their cry. And now it looks like the government has heard them and okayed their businesses to resume.

Kampala Parents Announces Free 2021 Term One Admissions, Interview Dates Set

The COVID19 pandemic ate much into the education program of not only Ugandan schools but the world over. Since March, when President Yoweri Museveni ordered the closure of all schools in the country, children have been home idling, the fortunate one's homeschooling or studying online.

But with the easing of the lockdown, the government reopened schools to allow only candidate students to resume with their studies in order to finish their academic year. The ministry of education promised that other classes would return to school early next year if the pandemic reduces its wrath.

And to prepare for the reopening of schools next year if the virus is contained, schools are strategizing to recruit learners and investing in facilities and requirements that meet the health and safety of learners, teachers, administrators and parents.

Today, Kampala Parents School has announced that there will be no admission fees for term one of the 2021 academic year, however, pupils will undergo a mandatory interview process to test them. Parents intending to enrol their children at the school have been advised to call the school and book to enable the school plan and adhere to the SOPs and health guidelines.

“The principal of Kampala Parents' School informs all interested parents that there will be interviews for pupils from pre-primary to primary seven for the first term of 2021 intake from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm,” a statement from the school said.

For parents who wish to have their children study at Kampala Parents' School, interviews for primary one pupils are scheduled on Saturday 7th November, primary two to primary four are set for Saturday 14th November, primary five to primary seven are taking place on Saturday 21 November.

There will another opportunity for primary one on Wednesday 24th November. For Baby, Middle and Top class, the interviews are scheduled for Saturday 28 November.

Kampala Parents School has been using platforms like broadcast media, social and online learning tools like zoom to conduct classes and educate their pupils.

“Kampala Parents has always been a proud leader in innovating for our parents and learners. It is difficult to predict when Covid-19 restrictions will end, yet our children must continue being fed with knowledge,” Kampala Parents School proprietor Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia said in an interview with  CEO East Africa.

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Ethiopian Ambassador To Speaker At Education Diversity Webinar

Victoria University will yet again this Thursday host an important webinar, this time pooling together experts to discuss the diversity of education in Uganda.

As a leading private university, Victoria University has emerged as a preferred learning centre for different local and foreign cultures.

The Ethiopian Ambassador in Uganda H.E. Alemtsehay Meseret will be the chief panelist. She will be joined by

James Arinaitwe Kassaga, Chief Executive Director and Co-founder Teach for Uganda, Noel Remasu Michael, Alumnus Victoria University, Niema James Alexander, Student VIctoria University and MD Alexa Pastries and Pawar Simran Merali, Student Victoria University, media personality.

Victoria University has students from all part of the country and countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Rwanda, Eritrea, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Djibouti, Somalia, Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa, Botswana, Ghana, Mozambique and others.

To celebrate this diversity, the university holds the annual international day to celebrate the rich cultural diversity. Students represent their cultures in terms of food, music, dance, speck, costumes and storytelling. The colorful day helps students interact and learn about their fellow students’ culture and heritage.

At Victoria University, students often remark that their classes are full of students from every nationality, religion, or ethnicity, and having access to and contact with so many cultural backgrounds makes the experience that much more thrilling.

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Victoria University, Teachers Commence Program To Promote Education In Communities

The gruesome coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic that continues to ravage the globe has left students, teachers and parents in Uganda with no access to formal school learning.

Teachers, whose main source of income comes the operationalization of classes at schools, have been hit hard, especially those in private, ever since President Yoweri Museveni shut down all teaching schools in an effort to combat coronavirus.

Students, especially teenagers, who spend much of their time in schools, have been negatively affected academically and socially since they can’t access their teachers and the social school life.

Well aware of these challenges, Victoria University has at a press conference held at the university auditorium introduced a community program called ‘Diversify Your Skill’ to connect secondary teachers and the communities they live in.

For this to happen, Victoria University will train these teachers to be able to interact better with the society, offer guidance and counselling, community remote learning and parental guidance.

Bill Nkeeto the Acting Vice-Chancellor Victoria University speaking to journalists said the exercise is also expected to generate a lot of market information about survival mechanisms of communities, interests and learning goals of university students.

He added that this will further build the Victoria university mission of ensuring transformational education and the data will contribute to the development of market-ready graduates based on an informed point of view.

He noted that with COVID19 persisting, there is a gap in the light of the services they offer. “They are in the way incapacitated,” Nkeeto said.

“So as Victoria University that engages so much with the community trying to solve people’s problems, we felt a need for them to come and see how we can work together in a number of ways,” he added.

“Their trade is education and that implies that it is complemented by career guidance. We wish them to go out there in the communities, offer career guidance, talk about Victoria University and it’s the reason we are offering them this training”

“If there is anyone who is interested in joining Victoria University, courtesy requires that they refer that person to us. And for any person they refer to us, they get a significant portion of the commission,”

“We also promised to facilitate their budgets time and again whenever they are going on certain activities that benefit Victoria University benefit. Every student referred and joins Victoria University; the recommender will earn a commission of Shs200,000 and Shs150,000 for bachelor’s degree and diploma programs respectively.

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