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Khyber Pass Restaurant Goes Indian With This Christmas Menu

Khyber Pass Restaurant is located at Speke Hotel, Plot 7-9 Nile Avenue, Kampala INTERNET PHOTO Khyber Pass Restaurant is located at Speke Hotel, Plot 7-9 Nile Avenue, Kampala

The festive season is a period of adventure and a period specifically associated with eating good food and experimenting with drinks. And for the lovers of fine food, Indian foods are a good trial.

Khyber Pass Restaurant, located in the heart of Uganda’s capital, at Speke Hotel, Plot 7-9 Nile Avenue, Kampala, has a specially made Indian menu made for their clients this Christmas season.

And for a change and love of discovering new foods, make a date with Khyber Pass Restaurant and venture into the amazing Indian land of spice on 25th December.

Khyber Pass Christmas Menu consists of the Chicken Ki Bharmaar for Shs60, 000, Seafood Platter for Shs90, 000, Goat Meat Platter for Shs50, 000, Vegetable Platter for SHs35, 000 and Khyber Pass Family Platter (for three) at Shs100, 000.

The Chicken Ki Bharmaar will have chicken tikka, banjara kebab, malai kebab, chicken seekh kebab, and chicken wings; the Seafood Platter will have prawns tikka, zringa hariyali, fish tikka, nimbu machli tikka and fish hariyali tikka while Goat Meat Platter will have peshawari kebab, mutton seekh kebab, mutton kalimiri and mutton achari kebab.

The vegetable platter will have panner tikka, vegetable seekh kebab, tandoori mushroom, bharula abo, and tandoori gobi. The Khyber Pass Family Platter will have chicken, seafood, goat meat, paneer and vegetables.

The restaurant however in a way of warning indicates that all food items will be marinated with Indian spices.

Khyber Pass Restaurant is on the three restaurants and bar at Speke Hotel, the first and oldest hotel in Uganda, built in the British Colonial times of the 1920s. The other restaurants are an Italian restaurant, Continental restaurant, and Rock Bar & Grill.

The restaurants at the Speke Hotel have tasty, freshly cooked food served in a relaxed atmosphere that will give you the best restaurant experience in Kampala. Be sure you will be dining at good value for your money.

This unique restaurant gets its name from the Khyber Pass Mountain in Western Asia. The story of the Khyber Pass is composed of much color and romance, such tragedy and glory makes Frontier Cuisine look stranger than fiction. 

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