Victoria University To Hold 4th Graduation At Speke Resort

A former Victoria University student graduating last year at Kabira Country Club A former Victoria University student graduating last year at Kabira Country Club

Speke Resort Munyonyo will be the place to be on September 6, 2019, as parents, students and staff of Victoria University converge for the university's 4th graduation ceremony.

The graduation under the theme “Developing Agents of Change”, will see hundreds of students return to their respective homes with degrees and diplomas having done a good job studying.

The University has announced that Patrick Bitature, a distinguished businessman with investments in almost all sectors of the economy will be a commencement speaker.

Victoria University Vice Chancellor Associate Professor Dr. Krishna N. Sharma believes the University has prepared the graduating students well to be able to enter the job market.

They have gained enough knowledge from the classrooms, prepared by experienced lecturers and experts and undertaken an internship with some of the best-established organizations in the country.

“We have prepared them with good knowledge in the classroom, good skills, practices and good exposure through internships from best placements which fit their programs,” Dr. Sharma said.

To further prepare students for life in the employment life, the University organized the inaugural two-day graduate program where the learners were given professional tips.

Some of these tips included how to write CVs, dress up, appear in the interviews, networking, how to crack a deal, stress management at work and how to be spiritual.

Peggy Nabunya, one of the graduands, speaking to, said the feeling of completing school and graduating is great. “It’s been a long time coming. I’m excited about life after school,” she said.

“It’s been such a pool of opportunities, networking and so many learning experiences. I’ve grown academically but also in other aspects of life like leadership as I am the former guild president,” she added.

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