Victoria University To Host Secondary School Students At Open Day

Secondary students listen to Dean Faculty of Humanities Dr. Sujaan Kushaal during the 2017 open day. Another open day is set Secondary students listen to Dean Faculty of Humanities Dr. Sujaan Kushaal during the 2017 open day. Another open day is set

Secondary school students from various schools will converge at Victoria University to get career tips from professionals and experts in numerous fields and walks of life. This will be on Saturday 22nd June 2019 at the Victoria University backyard.

The University said the theme for this year is ‘unlock your future’. Each year Victoria University hosts students from select secondary schools to visit and tour the university campus and facilities.

The University also invites seasoned experts and academicians to share with the youngsters career guidance opinions that are intended to inform the learners about life after high school.

The open day gives an opportunity most especially to students looking for post-secondary education to get great tips from the experts in terms of career guidance. Tips range from choosing the right course, life skills, entrepreneurship among others.

The open day returns at a time when the University’s August - September intake is ongoing. Entrepreneurs, media personalities, comedians, academicians among other professionals will make presentations at the open day.

At the open day, students and parents are given tips ranging from choosing the right courses, life skills, and entrepreneurship among others.

Last year, Doreen Kanyesigye, an inspiration speaker encouraged the youngsters to develop special abilities to deal with people effectively regardless of how times change, have great inter-personal skills, emotional intelligence and ability to solve problems the world is facing.

“You should have the ability to solve problems, not the ability to show us your triple As and excellent grades - that would open up doors for you. That is what will make you indispensable,” she said.

“When you have this skill of critical thinking, you are able to step back and understand that this challenge you are facing is not here to kill you. With critical thinking, you will understand that the challenge is here to empower you. You then find a solution to jump over it.” she added.

James Walusimbi, a Human Resource Consultant at NFT Consults, advised students to always think differently and think beyond what has been provided to them if they are going to succeed in life.

In her speech, Mariah Peggy Nabunya, the Guild President of Victoria University advised students to always do their best in every aspect of life. She said they should always have an extra plan in case plan A fails. “Have plan B, C and D. have many plans just in case plan A fails. That is how the world works nowadays.”

The Vice Chancellor, Dr. Krishnna N. Sharma, said students must look beyond class work performance and look at providing solutions to the world.

‘If I don't solve your problem, even if I scored 99 percent, it will be useless but if I solve a problem, even if I scored 50 percent that is fine. This is what you are going to learn here at Victoria University, solving problems.

We will be building your profile. We will be working on your attitude because at the end, the outcome of higher education to improve your knowledge, skills and attitude. It is this attitude that is going to contribute up to 80 percent of your success.” Dr. Sharma said.

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