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Culture Holding Back Women & This Must Be Fought – Panelists

Women globally are the cornerstone of every society playing not only their motherly roles but also providing moral and spiritual support needed for society to achieve it’s set communal development goals.

However, oftentimes, women barely get the recognition or rewards for their input, instead, they're cast aside because of cultural and sometimes religious biases.   

Speaking during an online talk show organized by Victoria University on Friday at the university’s auditorium under the theme ‘Enhancing Women Capabilities towards development in Uganda’, the role of women in society was emphasized.

The talk show was graced by Sheena Ruparelia, the Managing Director of Speke Group Hotels, Uganda Law Society President-elect Phiona Nabasa Wall, Katusabe Ssemwezi the Academic Registrar Victoria University, Karitas Karisimbi, a Media personality, and Malaa Kivila Odera, the Founder & C.E.O of Sylmax Consult.

The panellists agreed that some cultures are holding back women from being empowered. “Culture has told us how to behave and men have always been superior. I cannot say that we have been undervalued but we haven’t been accorded the opportunities we deserve. Culture has forced women to be below men and I want to see this changing,” Sheena said in her submission.

Victoria University’s Academic Registrar Katusabe Ssemwezi noted that this change is not an event but a process that women must be part of. She said that in the past, it was unimaginable to see parents allocate resources to girls like allowing and financing their stay in school to get an education. This she said is changing.

Malaa Kivila Odera, the Founder & C.E.O Sylmax Consult, agrees with Ssemwezi and adds that women have to be part of the process to achieve this change, which is a life long struggle. She discussed that while girls are raised to be homemakers, which she says is a critical thing to do, girls should also be prepared and presented with equal opportunities like the boys.

“We are getting things done in urban centres but in rural areas, cultures are holding girls back and this must be fought,” Malaa said.

Karitas Karisimbi, a local and celebrated television host, noted that there is a need to traverse the rural areas. “We are at a place where the world is listening; now we have to take the fight to the finish line,”

In so doing, the mentorship of the women to be independent, men should be involved. “We cannot talk to the women alone when the men are in bars drinking. They will come back from bars and abuse these women. It is time for us to go out there and involve the men at an early stage. The earlier we do, the better,” Karisimbi said.

To achieve this, Sheena says, there is a need to work as a community. “The struggle is long, it’s hard but it is possible and we must unite together, we must support one another, we must be willing to learn and listen. Open your opportunities in every single day and appreciate it,” she noted.

She adds: “I think it’s up to us to change the society, no one is going to do it for us, it is us to work together and togetherness education, willingness, openness and target orientation makes it possible, we can do it.”

Uganda Law Society President-elect Phiona Nabasa Wall believes that if we don’t empower boys, it will be a disaster. We need a strategy to bring boys on board, she said.

Wedding Planners Meet To Plan For Business Growth

Speke Group of Hotels recently hosted Kampala’s top wedding planners for a get-together with an aim of improving the trade, Matooke Republic Reported.

Sheena Ruparelia, the Managing Director Speke Group of Hotels, speaking at the event which took place at Forest Cottages in Bukoto said the event will be held quarterly for Kampala's wedding planners. The event, according to Sheena, will be used to interact and discuss wedding business, trends and services available at Speke Group hotels.

Sheena Ruparelia says planning for a wedding can tend to be hard especially if someone is to balance it with a full-time job or social commitments.

She thus recommends that hiring a wedding planner allows you to delegate those more time-consuming responsibilities to a professional who can schedule appointments, deal with service providers and all you will need to do is show up and make the decisions.

Wedding planners also assist in budgeting and scheduling because it is important to stick to the budget set and wedding planners are experts in ensuring couples reach this goal.

Wedding planners and hotels work together to recommend contacts with florists, DJs, designers, hairstylists.

“An interactive hotel partner is important to make one of the most important days of your life perfect. It’s important for all partners in the Wedding Industry to understand each other, which is why Speke group values its relationship with partners in the industry,” she adds.

Victoria University Sets Date For Rolling Out Online Classes

Victoria University has announced that it will start conducting online classes for its students on the 28th September 2020, the Ag.Vice Chancellor Bill Nkeeto has revealed.

This decision has been reached the National Council for Higher Education wrote to Victoria University giving them permission to proceed with e-learning as it had requested in a May application.

Nkeeto said this lockdown put their students and their parents at stake with arguable responses on how to go about with their education while at home and many of them couldn’t continue with their studies

He noted that a ray of hope was shone to the education sector when President Museveni Okayed the opening of institutions with final year students undertaking health-related courses and trainings to curb the human resource gap in the Health sector following the current Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

This followed strict guidelines and recommendations issued by the Ministry of Health and other experts.

Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) through its member bodies has been working hard to ensure that education resumes following the issuance of COVID-19 SOP guidelines which were issued in September 2020.

Victoria University having health and science-related programmes, had on 22nd May 2020 applied to the National Council for Higher Education to roll out an emergency Open Distance and E-learning system during the current lockdown.

The NCHE conducted an inspection of the Victoria University e-learning facilities and was convinced that this Premier University was ready to start its online teaching programmes for its students.

The permission is valid for twelve (12) months or the duration of the COVID-19 crisis as will be determined by the relevant authorities and renewal can be applied for at least (2) months before the expiry of the (12) twelve months period if necessary.

Investigative Journalists Get Computer Donation From Ruparelia Foundation

Ruparelia Foundation through Kampala Parents’ School has donated 10 computers to African Institute for Investigative Journalism.

The donation was handed over to Solomon Sserwanja, the Institute’s Executive Director, Mrs. Daphine Kato the Principal Kampala Parents School.

Mrs. Kato represented Rajiv Ruparelia one of the directors of Ruparelia Foundation. Gareth Onyango, the General Manager of Premier Advertising, a Ruparelia Group company, was also present.

Onyango said the donation by Ruparelia Foundation is meant to support E-learning in schools in order to help students to access classwork and digital learning resources online while schools are closed.

He noted that Ruparelia Foundation recognizes the importance of education adding that in any endeavour are committed to help support this mission by giving back to the communities through such assistances.

Solomon Sserwanja also thanked Ruparelia Foundation for extending a hand and said that the computers will help the beneficiaries to access technology and continue with their classes during the lockdown.

African Institute for Investigative Journalism is a media organization focusing on providing investigative journalism at home on the African continent.

NCHE Okays Victoria University To Conduct E-Learning

Victoria University has announced that it has been granted permission to conduct online learning (e-learning) by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). It joins a list of other public and private universities that will now teach and examine their learners using internet tools.

The NCHE Executive Director Prof. Mary J. N. Okwakol wrote to the university on Monday, August 31 to deliver the good news. And immediately, Victoria University intensified their recruitment drive for the September and October intake.

“I am pleased to inform you that after due consideration, the National Council for Higher Education has granted you permission to roll-out emergency ODel for the attached programmes,” Prof. Okwakol’s letter to the VU Vice Chancellor reads.

Victoria University, which has since the initiation of the COVID19 nationwide lockdown heavily invested in online learning tools, on May 22 wrote to NCHE seeking permission to teach and examine their students online. Now it has been granted.

Victoria University pioneered an e-learning platform for their scholars and the NCHE permit means that students will not have to suffer a dead year and their academic journey can continue on schedule, albeit online.

The permit granted to VU is for a period of 12 months or the duration of the Covid-19 crisis schools’ lockdown, whichever comes first. “You may apply for a renewal of the permission at least two months before the expiry of the 12 months’ period, if necessary,” Okwakol wrote.

Victoria University, Teachers Commence Program To Promote Education In Communities

The gruesome coronavirus (COVID19) pandemic that continues to ravage the globe has left students, teachers and parents in Uganda with no access to formal school learning.

Teachers, whose main source of income comes the operationalization of classes at schools, have been hit hard, especially those in private, ever since President Yoweri Museveni shut down all teaching schools in an effort to combat coronavirus.

Students, especially teenagers, who spend much of their time in schools, have been negatively affected academically and socially since they can’t access their teachers and the social school life.

Well aware of these challenges, Victoria University has at a press conference held at the university auditorium introduced a community program called ‘Diversify Your Skill’ to connect secondary teachers and the communities they live in.

For this to happen, Victoria University will train these teachers to be able to interact better with the society, offer guidance and counselling, community remote learning and parental guidance.

Bill Nkeeto the Acting Vice-Chancellor Victoria University speaking to journalists said the exercise is also expected to generate a lot of market information about survival mechanisms of communities, interests and learning goals of university students.

He added that this will further build the Victoria university mission of ensuring transformational education and the data will contribute to the development of market-ready graduates based on an informed point of view.

He noted that with COVID19 persisting, there is a gap in the light of the services they offer. “They are in the way incapacitated,” Nkeeto said.

“So as Victoria University that engages so much with the community trying to solve people’s problems, we felt a need for them to come and see how we can work together in a number of ways,” he added.

“Their trade is education and that implies that it is complemented by career guidance. We wish them to go out there in the communities, offer career guidance, talk about Victoria University and it’s the reason we are offering them this training”

“If there is anyone who is interested in joining Victoria University, courtesy requires that they refer that person to us. And for any person they refer to us, they get a significant portion of the commission,”

“We also promised to facilitate their budgets time and again whenever they are going on certain activities that benefit Victoria University benefit. Every student referred and joins Victoria University; the recommender will earn a commission of Shs200,000 and Shs150,000 for bachelor’s degree and diploma programs respectively.

Prof Opuda Takes Over From Dr Aliker As Victoria University Chancellor

The reign of Dr. Martini Aliker as the Chancellor of Victoria University came to an end this week when the University unveiled Prof John Opuda Asibo as his replacement at a ceremony that took place at the University’s Auditorium.

Victoria University described Prof Opuda, who becomes the third Chancellor, as a scholar of national and international repute. Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia, the director of the university described Prof Opuda as a man of impeccable integrity, global experience, honesty and academic competence.

Professor Opuda-Asibo is a graduate with a veterinary Medical Degree from Makerere University, he also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health and a PhD in Microbiology, Epidemiology and Public Health, both from the University of Minnesota, USA.

His Public Health training has provided him with multi-sectoral knowledge application in Epidemiology (observational and analytical), Administration, Economics, Education and Governance.

Professor Opuda-Asibo, has experience in Education, Science, Cooperation, institutional Collaboration and Coordination, Negotiation, Dialogue, Cultural Interaction, Publishing, Grants awarding, Scientific Research, Organizing and Charing meetings, Harmonization of Curricula and Educational Systems the latter as a member of the Top Management Committee of the Ministry of Education, Government of Uganda.

Bill Nkeeto the Acting Vice Chancellor of the university noted that as the educational institutions in the world have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, the case has not been any different with the institution.

“Victoria University just like any other institution around the world has been affected by the COVID pandemic that has caused a snag in extending knowledge and skills to learners in Uganda and the rest of the region, However, we have put in place all the requirements needed for learning and we are sure that whoever joins will live by the motto Come prepared to learn, Leave prepared to succeed,” he said.

Sudhir 'wholeheartedly' appreciated the services of outgoing Chancellor Dr Aliker, for ‘the commitment, guidance, wisdom and wonderful leadership’ he accorded the university.’

"We feel indebted that we have nothing to pay you for seven years of services in which you presided over four graduations and above all cutting a new edge for Victoria University as an institution,” Sudhir said.

Sanyu FM Owner Reveals Intentions To Start TV Station

Ruparelia Group, the conglomerate with presence in almost all aspects of the economy, is considering venturing into the television business in an attempt to expand their media investment in the country.

The Group already owns 88.2 Sanyu FM, the country’s oldest FM radio station, which it purchased from its original proprietor John Kato. Kato started the urban radio station in 1993. It first went on air on 18th December 1993.

Rajiv Ruparelia, the Managing Director of the Ruparelia Group, speaking at the finale of the Sanyu FM Hot Mic Search competition, revealed that the company is toying with the idea of starting a television station.

“We are going to change the (media) scene; we are going to be innovative and we are going to make sure we get the biggest following,” Rajiv said, adding: “And eventually if things go well, Ruparelia Group might enter the TV space and other media spaces,” Rajiv hinted on their possible plans.

Ethan Kavuma aka Eth Lawinsky emerged as the winner of the Sanyu FM’s Hot Mic Search competition. He won a cash prize of Shs3m and a 3-year job contract at Sanyu FM.

Ethan, together with the first and second runners up - Philo Mena and Timothy Code respectively -, Rajiv said will get jobs to work at Sanyu FM as on-air presenters.

Rajiv noted that Uganda is full of talented youth, explaining that the new presenters who are talented will come in hot and relevant to the youth of today and their challenges.

Kadaga Tasks Minister Jeje Odongo To Explain Police Attack On Rajiv Ruparelia

The Speaker of Parliament Alitwala Rebecca Kadaga during Wednesday afternoon plenary sitting summoned the Minister of Internal Affairs Gen Jeje Odongo to present a report to the house concerning investigations about police officers who allegedly assaulted Rajiv Ruparelia, the Managing Director of Ruparelia Group.

According to Daily Monitor, Rajiv’s matter was brought to the attention of the House by Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa who said there was need for Jeje Odongo to brief the country on what action the police force had taken against officers who allegedly attacked the youthful businessman.

“Last week we heard about the people who wanted to kidnap Mr Rajiv Ruparelia when he was walking but was only saved by his dogs. We have been waiting for the Minister of Internal Affairs to tell us who those people because in the videos we saw they were dressed in police uniform,” Daily Monitor quotes Okupa.

The Speaker said the country needs an update about the people who attacked Rajiv, the only son of arguably Uganda’s richest man, Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia. “I ask the Minister of Internal Affairs to come here and give an update on the issue of the people who attacked Mr Rajiv,” Ms Kadaga ruled without giving a specific date.

Gen Odongo and his Junior Minister, Mario Obiga Kania were not in the House to give instant response to the matter raised on the floor.

Last week, Rajiv alleged that when he was walking his dogs in the neighbourhood, he stopped a speeding vehicle to inquire why the driver was acting recklessly. He said it turned out that the people travelling in the van were policemen.

“An officer angrily said to me that this is not India. This is Uganda. Immediately when the dogs realised that I was being beaten by the officers they tried to save me. This was a racial attack," Rajiv said.

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson, Luke Owoyesigyire, said on Friday that as the cops listened to Mr Ruparelia, who had stopped their car, he set his dogs at them.

“The preliminary information we have is two-sided and we can’t make conclusions. I can’t deny that our officers abused him nor can I deny that the officers were acting in self-defence. We will conclude when we interview the two parties,” Owoyesigyire said.

Rajiv Ruparelia To Discus Business Start-ups With Mukono Rotaract Club

The managing director of Ruparelia Group Rajiv Ruparelia will on Friday, July 24, 2020, from 7:00 pm render his business knowledge to members of the Rotaract Club Mukono who want to start investing in businesses.

The youthful businessman will widely discuss with the Mukono Rotaract Club members, friends and well-wishers best practices to consider when starting a business/ investment, how to maintain business stability and ensure its growth.

Rajiv Ruparelia, the only son of Dr Sudhir Ruparelia, and the one in charge of steering the biggest conglomerate in Uganda, Ruparelia Group, to great heights, said he looking forward to be hosted by Rotaract Club Mukono.

“Looking forward to being hosted by Rotaract Club Mukono. What can Start-ups do to succeed?” Rajiv tweeted. Rajiv has been a good friend of the Rotaract Club fraternity in Uganda. He has regularly met them to share business tips of excellence.

In a meeting with the Rotaract Club of Kampala South that sat at Hotel Africana, last October said Uganda has many opportunities and that young entrepreneurs must choose something they can nurture well and be remembered for.

“You can either choose to be remembered for business, charity, entrepreneurship or social work. If you want to do something start now, nurture it and take your time; teaching your self is a must because nobody will teach you. Work on it, one day you are going to be there," Rajiv told members that attended the meeting.

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