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How About A Glass Of Wine Alongside Your Lunch Meal At La Cabana?

Alcohol during lunch sounds like a bad idea but wine is an enjoyable addition to your lunch meal. It tastes good and relaxes you, but it has more far-reaching benefits to your health.

While you certainly shouldn't drink an entire bottle of wine, especially if you have to go back to work, a glass of wine is a healthy addition to your meal. A glass of wine with food in your belly also lightens the load on your liver.

It's become accepted wisdom that wine consumed with a meal is healthier than wine consumed on its own. Just make sure the food you're eating is on the healthier side.  

Not only is food believed to make wine consumption healthier, but wine can make food healthier as well—at least in a few specific ways.

Research has shown that if you happen to eat contaminated food, drinking alcohol with it decreases the risk of getting food poisoning.

The culture of lunch wines is fast becoming a norm especially for people conducting a business meeting in high-end hotels and restaurants in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, and other big towns.

La Cabana Restaurant located at Speke Apartments on Wampewo Avenue in Kololo has rolled out what it called ‘boozy lunch’ served from Monday to Thursday. Order a main course meal during lunchtime & get a free cocktail.

While many people are differently affected alcohol during lunchtime, expert says having food in your stomach helps slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream by keeping it in the stomach longer, which in turn keeps you from becoming intoxicated quickly.

With that in mind, it should feel safe to grab a glass of wine or a cocktail as you enjoy a lunch meal. La Cabana Restaurant loves food accompanied with a hard drink – it offers a free bottle of Castle Lite with every plate of delicious golden fried wings you order.

With a posh and classy bar, La Cabana Restaurant is definitely a good place to not have a lunch break but a place you can go to wind up the day and catch up with your mates. Buy a bucket of local beers at Shs49, 000 and get a free sizzling chicken or beef.

Health Living: Speke Resort Sets 2021 Fitness Goals

Living a healthy lifestyle can inspire creativity and teach you discipline, adaptability, and balance. This will not only leave you looking and feeling better, but you will show up as a better version of yourself for the people in your life that truly matter.

When you choose to live a healthy lifestyle, you not only do yourself a favor, but you set an excellent example for all of those around you. Your friends, family, and children are impacted by the healthy choices you make and will often feel inspired to make a change in their own lives.

The result of this is better relationships, lower risk of disease, and an overall healthier and happier world. By simply making healthier choices, you can have a rippling impact on all of those around you. To achieve this, you need the right health and fitness services provider.

Speke Resort and Conference Centre has rolled out different packages at its Speke Resort Wellness Center with a goal of helping their customers achieve their health and fitness goals.

The Speke Resort Wellness Centre has a gym, an Olympic size swimming pool, the spa, a fitness centre, a sports centre (two glass-backed squash courts) and kids’ activities. It is facilitated by professional instructors and equipment.

The gym caters to people of all ages and fitness levels, whether you are extremely athletic or just need a little exercise. You can stay in shape and keep fit with their fitness classes, running tracks and fully equipped gym. There’s something for everybody.

“Staying active is key to positive mindset. Speke Resort has a range of activities to help you rejuvenate. Make every day count by spending time dedicated to your wellness. Stay safe, stay strong,” Speke Resort said in an email to its customers.

Last year, the government of Uganda, through the Minister of Health, Jane Ruth Aceng, announced it had eased restrictions on mass gatherings, gyms, massage parlors, and salons as part of the phased lifting of the COVID19 lockdown.

Kampala Parents’ School Sets January Dates For 2021 Intake Interviews

Parents and pupils who are interested in joining Kampala Parents’ School in the incoming academic year but missed the November and December 2020 interviews have another chance this month to be interviewed.

This comes after Kampala Parents School announced new dates on which parents and guardians can bring their children to be interviewed and assessed before being enrolled in the school community.

“The Principal of Kampala Parents' School Informs all interested parents that admissions for 2021 intake are still on from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm,” the school announced.

The interview dates are Monday, 11th January, Friday, 22 January and Saturday 30th January 2021. The interviews and assessment are purely academic and will be conducted by highly trained teachers.

While the government hasn’t pronounced when it will be reopening schools following the closure of all education centres countrywide in March by President Yoweri Museveni as a means of combating Coronavirus, Kampala Parents School and other schools are optimistic that it will happen soon.

Kampala Parents mission, according to management, is to instil qualities of good leadership, sound moral judgment, self-discipline, a pluralistic outlook, and civic responsibility to distinguish each child as a responsible individual.

It's Bubbly Churrasco All Week Long At La Cabana Restaurant

The site of meat often times excites people as their salivary glands are awakened from a diet slumber. Meat is delicious and many people look forward to another time when they will sink their teeth into the fatty meat.

After a long day’s work, you surely deserve a meaty bite. It is even better if these meaty bites are accompanied by a glass of bubbly wine. This combination is one you can get at La Cabana Restaurant.

La Cabana Restaurant which opened its doors to Kampalans in November 2017 specializes in serving meat the Brazilian way – what they call the Brazilian Churrasco. The luxurious restaurant is located at Speke Apartments, on Wampewo Avenue in Kololo, Kampala.

To take the Churrasco spirit forward into the new year, La Cabana Restaurant is offering its customers what it had called the Bubbly Churrasco – All Week Long experience.

With the new promo, the Restaurant is offering its customers meaty experience during both the weekdays and weekends accompanied with either a glass of wine or a bottle of wine for a group of five dinners.

This way, you can sip some bubbly wine while you take down mouthwatering meats all week long. Basically, with every churrasco meal you order every Monday - Thursday, you get a free glass of bubbly glass of wine while on the weekends, you get a bottle if you are a group of five.

La Cabana Restaurant is not just about the churrasco experience; it offers a continental,  Chinese and Indian menus along with a vibrant and snazzy bar where the perfect blend of cocktails are the barman’s speciality. 

It also offers free venues for baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, baptism parties, Christening parties, engagement parties, luncheons and more. 

Speke Apartments, where La Cabana Restaurant is located, is the largest and most luxurious apartments in Uganda.  It is a mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid back environment to ensure that Speke Apartments is the finest choice for both business and pleasure accommodation.

For A Truly Magnificent Wedding Function Think Speke Hotel

Do you want to plan a beautiful ceremony and reception without having to dream up every detail from scratch? Then a hotel wedding venue might be the perfect choice for you.

Most hotel establishments already have everything you need for a picture-perfect celebration, from an in-house caterer to a beautiful ballroom. In Uganda, if you're thinking about celebrating your nuptials at a hotel, think Speke Hotel on Nile Avenue in the heart of Kampala city.

Speke Hotel, the first and one of the oldest hotels in Uganda’s capital Kampala, is a cozy hotel named after the famous British explorer, John Hannington Speke who discovered the source of River Nile.

With this rich history, Speke Hotel, like it has the case over the years, has come with special wedding packages to enable their customers to celebrate marriage with their loved one at a worthwhile reception.

The negotiable packages include a free venue, one room night stay for a couple, six bottles of Champagne. Because we are in an era of COVID19, the hotel has put in place all SOPs and continue to observe the health guidelines put in place.

On top of the discounts on other services offered at the hotel, hosting your wedding reception helps you have professional waiters and waitresses attend to your guests. This is the beauty that comes with hosting a wedding reception at a hotel like the Speke Hotel.

Speke Hotel has many different areas-like restaurants, ballrooms, patios, and event spaces that can be converted into a wedding venue.

Speke Hotel also boasts of restaurants like Kyber Pass Restaurant, Rock Gardens, Pizzeria, Gentleman’s Lounge and the Rock Bar. These should come handy should you need anything that has not been provided on the wedding menu for specific reasons.

Sheena Ruparelia, the Managing Director Speke Group of Hotels, speaking at an event where she hosted Kampala’s top wedding planners for a cocktail get-together at Forest Cottages in Bukoto, said planning for a wedding is hard especially if you have to balance a full-time job or social commitments.

She recommended that hiring a wedding planner allows you to delegate those more time-consuming responsibilities to a professional who can schedule appointments, deal with service providers and all you will need to do is show up and make the decisions.

"Wedding planners also assist in budgeting and scheduling because it is important to stick to the budget set and wedding planners are experts in ensuring couples reach this goal. Wedding planners and hotels work together to recommend contacts with florists, DJs, designers, hairstylists.

“An interactive hotel partner is important to make one of the most important days of your life perfect. It’s important for all partners in the Wedding Industry to understand each other, which is why the Speke Group values its relationship with partners in the industry,” she adds.

Why You Should Consider Forest Cottages For A Stylish Wedding Fete

A wedding ceremony is a once in a lifetime event that must be perfect for the memories to be joyfully everlasting and merry. As you start planning your wedding, the first thing on your to-do list is usually to secure the venue.

Whether you’re looking for a large or small wedding venue, most hotels offer indoor and outdoor spaces with the capacity for wedding guest lists of all sizes.

Whether you stay close to home or are planning a destination wedding, a hotel wedding venue can make your special day feel like a getaway wedding.

In Uganda, Forest Cottages located at Naguru Hill in Bukoto, Kampala City, is one hotel that is a perfect location for a wedding.

Forest Cottages offers guests the tranquility, the peace, the reality and the beauty of nature, right in the middle of the city. From a quiet environment, mouthwatering dishes, cocktails and beautiful spaces, Forest Cottages stands out tall.

At Forest Cottages, stylish, exclusive weddings with priceless memories are always delivered by the best wedding planners and organisers to the satisfaction of the wedding couple and guests.

All this is delivered affordably and this being a festive season, the hotel is offering discounts and special wedding packages. For example, each guest at a wedding is billed Shs55, 000, this includes venue, lavish buffet, tables, chairs, buffet setup, crockery and cutlery and one night complimentary wedding special room.

A couple can choose a wedding by the pool side, in any of the conference rooms, an outdoor wedding or in a tent – the hotel has the capacity to hos any number of guests while observing SOPs to prevent COVID19 spread.

Make your celebration a memorable day of your life by choosing the best with just one call at Forest Cottages.

For bookings contact us on 0752-711-746.


Make Everlasting Wedding Memories At Dolphin Suites Hotel

A wedding is a milestone between two people who have chosen to love each other for the rest of their lives but it is a ceremony that can never be complete without the company of family members and friends.

After making the vows at church, mosque or the courthouse, tradition and courtesy requires that you bring together your friends and family members together to celebrate the milestone and the good life.

It is therefore important that you plan well and make the right choices to make the occasion splendid. Some of the choices you have to make is the type of service providers you hire, the guests to invite and most importantly the venue.

The choice of venue where you host your guests is important because it says a lot about you. It should be affordable, classy, accessible and comfortable not only for the wedding couple but the guests too.

Because of this, most couples prefer to use a hotel as the venue to make memories that will live on forever. With a hotel, you are likely to get food, drinks, music and décor at one place which prevents you from running one service provider to another.

And as the festive season comes to an end, we have seen many people getting married. Aware of this, Dolphine Suites, beautiful hotel complex nestled in the peaceful neighbourhood of Bugolobi, has put together attractive and special wedding packages to simplify it for their customers.

The hotel management has announced it has discounts on food and drinks, accommodation and other services provided by the hotel to enable guests make everlasting memories as they commence their journey as marrieds.

The couple that hosts their wedding reception at Dolphin Suites also get a complimentary room on their first anniversary. Dolphin Suites is a well-planned easily accessible hotel with an expansive array of facilities and services that will surely grant you an unforgettable, blissful stay.

Dolphin Suites, located only five minutes from Kampala city centre, recently revealed a friendly offer that enables to book the entire hotel for a day at a cost of Shs4m per. This, if you can afford, will leave the hotel wholly to your wedding guests.

Kabira Country Club Returns With Mongolian Fridays

Eating food has been one man’s great adventures since time immemorial and continues to be a key activity in our daily lives. While we largely eat to live in good health, food has proved to be a source of happiness for many people.

While food is not intrinsically a luxury item in our lives, some unfortunate people have been able to experiment with different kinds of food species. This means that apart from eating to fill their tummies, they have been able to journey into different culinary discoveries.

Uganda is indeed gifted with vast natural and fresh foods oftentimes prepared in the most amazing ways domestically and in commercial places like restaurants and hotels. These foods have evolved over the years as civilization exposes Ugandans chefs to other cultures.

In the same manner, Ugandan restaurants and hotels have exposed Ugandans to food from other parts of the world like Asia. It is therefore not surprising to find a Chinese, Indian, Indonesian or a Korean restaurant in Kampala. Other restaurants or hotels have theme nights where they serve food from these cultures.

Kabira Country Club is one such hotel which has exposed Ugandans to food from other cultures most notably Mongolian dishes. Mongolia is a nation bordered by China and Russia in the Far East. Over the years, the hotel has been treating guests to a Mongolian dinner every Friday at what it calls Mongolian Fridays.

And this year, Kabira Country Club has returned with Mongolian Fridays where it serves guest the best of Mongolia’s goods and drinks. The Mongolian Dinner is good for both vegetarian and meat lovers, Ajit Singh, the hotel manager revealed.

“Bring to light a selection of possibilities to fulfil your taste buds this Friday, please your families and avoid the chore of preparing a meal after a long week of too much work,” Singh said. Mongolian Fridays cost a paltry Shs50, 000 for each adult and Shs30, 000 for each child.

Kabira Country Club is the leading boutique hotel in Kampala, with a world-class restaurant, gymnasium, accommodation and a heated swimming pool. It is also the perfect hotel for a relaxing getaway and venue to hold special events, weddings and business meetings in Kampala.

Kabira Country Club Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner; the restaurant offers contemporary delicious dining and a mouth-watering array of food from around the world. If fine dining is something you are seeking with mood lighting and music, it’s on the menu at Kabira Country Club.

Make Reservations here: +256 752 711 009.

Celebrate Your Marriage Anniversary In Style At Speke Apartments

The festive season provides lovers and married couples an opportunity to reflect on their relationships. This can be best achieved when the two take the time of their daily duties to rejuvenate their relationship. A change in the environment and surroundings is also ideal.

This festive season, Speke Apartments Wampewo is offering their customers a chance to achieve their love goals with two packages and offers to stay at the Wampewo Avenue based posh apartments – the anniversary package and the couple getaway package. 

Because of these offers, you can celebrate your marriage anniversary in style & luxury at Speke Apartments this season. The posh apartments’ management has put a decently discounted package priced at Shs899, 000 per day.

The anniversary package includes a room decorated with rose petals, breakfast for two, candlelight dinner, half kg cake and Swedish massage for two. The offer has been running since December 1st 2020 until February 30th 2021.

For couples that are not celebrating an anniversary, a special couple getaway package has been rolled out. Enjoy one-bedroom apartment, complimentary wine bottle, breakfast for two, Brazilian churrasco for two, Swedish massage (60 minutes) for two and a glass of bubbly champagne on arrival for two at a cost Shs800,00 ($220) per night. The offer currently on expires on January 3oth 2021.

Speke Apartments Wampewo, which is part of Speke Group of Hotels, is the largest and most luxurious apartments in Uganda. It is made of a mix of modern contemporary surroundings and a relaxing, laid-back environment. It is taunted as the finest choice for both business and pleasure accommodation.

The Apartments, located at Wampewo Avenue just after Hotel Africana in Kololo, specialises in self-catering apartments for corporate, leisure and family travellers in Kampala for short or long term lets. They are made with a fully furnished & equipped kitchen, housekeeping services, laundry services for in house guests, secured parking & 24-hour security, swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna & steam bath, wi-fi and internet. 

Other amenities include air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone service, outdoor balcony, separate dining area, smoking & non-smoking room, 24-hours electricity and 24-hours hot & cold water.

Speke Apartments Wampewo combines a great location with a secure, quiet, clean, serviced apartment accommodation spread out over five floors. “Our two and three-bedroom apartments balance the style and hospitality of an intimate hotel with the space and comfort of fully appointed luxury rooms,” management said in a review.

Whether your stay is for business or pleasure, these fully furnished apartments have all you could possibly need in modern accommodation in Kampala.

Speke Apartments Wampewo is home to La Cabana Restaurant, a sedate restaurant that offers a distinguished and refined continental, Indian, Chinese and Brazilian dishes; Calabash Spa & Salon that offers an ambience for guests who wish to restore the body, mind and spirit; and The Gym fitted with world-renowned Techno Gym Equipment, with over 100 Cardio machines, 70 Weight machines, open space with a range of weights for functional and strength building.

Fresh Dairy Calls On Customers To Use Home Delivery Service

Fresh Dairy, the leading dairy products producer in Uganda has urged its customers to utilize its boosted free home delivery services this festive season for the safe and quick delivery of both Fresh Dairy and Brookside products.

The recently expanded home delivery fleet includes more tricycle Tuk Tuks and mobile vans and a dedicated sales team that deliver door to door with an aim of heightening consumer convenience.  

Marketing Manager Fresh Dairy, Vincent Omoth said, ‘This festive season, we want to ensure that our consumers enjoy both Fresh Dairy and Brookside healthy and nutritious products conveniently at a click of just a phone call (Customer care Toll free 0800 100 020/21) or WhatsApp (0715 744 664).  

Our home delivery solution is aimed at ensuring that consumers remain safe and healthy especially during this time of rising COVID-19 cases, while enjoying the greater convenience of safe product transportation using our door to door tricycle Tuk Tuks and mobile van delivery solution. 

Omoth further noted that all Fresh Dairy and Brookside products are available for the free home delivery services to include: Fresh milk, flavoured milk, Long life or UHT milk, powdered milk, Yoghurt (both flavoured and Brookside fruit yoghurt), Butter, Ghee and Cream. ‘All our dairy products are nutrient-rich with Energy, Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat and Calcium among others.’ 

Fresh Dairy’s home delivery solution is free and available to all customers in Kampala and Greater Kampala areas of Entebbe, Wakiso and Mukono districts primarily throughout the week. 

Omoth elaborated that a dedicated team of distributors and agents have equipped the entire motorbike and van home delivery team with health and safety equipment such as masks, gloves, sanitizers and social distancing skills to re-assure consumer safety.

‘We believe that health safety is key in re-assuring consumers during this COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we have also publicized our location specific agent contact numbers via all Fresh Dairy’s social media channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram that consumers can call for home delivery as well.’ 

Omoth concluded by noting that all payments for the home delivery service can either be made via mobile money or cash on delivery. ‘Fresh Dairy and Brookside products are still available countrywide in Shops, Duukas, Kiosks, Supermarkets and Tricycle Agents located near consumers.’

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