Youth Group Demands That Mpanga Returns Fees He Earned From BoU

Members of Uganda Poor Youth Movement addressing the press conference on Friday in Kampala, Uganda COURTESY PHOTO Members of Uganda Poor Youth Movement addressing the press conference on Friday in Kampala, Uganda

Celebrated city lawyer David F. K. Mpanga of AF Mpanga Advocates, a member of Bowmans Gilfillan Africa Group, has been accused of harboring bad and unethical business practices, dishonesty, lack of integrity, professional ethics and being a conflicted lawyer by Uganda Poor Youth Movement, a local pressure group.

In the same manner, Uganda Poor Youth Movement want Mpanga to return Shs9bn paid to him and his law firm by Bank of Uganda because he didn't offer the services for which he was hired to offer when court kicked him off the case because he was conflicted, having represented Ruparelia Group which the central bank was versing.

Apparently, in 2017, Bank of Uganda hired the services of Mpanga and the law firm to represent them in a case the central bank had filed against Dr Sudhir Ruparelia accusing him of allegedly siphoning Shs397Bn from his Crane Bank before it was taken over by the regulator in 2016.

Mpanga was however thrown off the case after court ruled that he had conflict of interest because he had earlier as counsel represented Sudhir’s Ruparelia Group companies including Crane Bank and was privy to information he could use against his former client.

But even after not offering his legal professional services to the central bank, Mpanga didn’t return the Shs9bn which has been paid to him and it is on that basis that Uganda Poor Youth Movement are pressing him to return the tax payers money or they take legal action against the senior lawyer.

Uganda Poor Youth Movement, led by their speaker Zaid Ssempala, on Friday at a press conference revealed that they have since petitioned several organizations including the Inspectorate of Government (IGG) about the matter such that they can prevail upon Mpanga to refund the tax payers’ money which he pocketed for a job he never did.

“We have petitioned Bowmans Gilfillan African Group, the Uganda Law Society, International Bar Association UK Bar Association and other relevant authorities to get involved in this matter. Mpanga is exhibiting a lot of unprofessionalism and unethical behavior in his mode of operation, reason why these organization have to investigate his actions and institute the necessary disciplinary action he deserves,” Sempala told journalists at the press conference.

“On top of refunding the money BoU gave him for a job he didn’t execute, we also want him to apologize for his unprofessional conduct and wrongs he has committed against Ugandans, including those he disenfranchised before he was fired by Buganda kingdom which had employed him in key positions of offering legal advice to the Kabaka,” he added.

The UPYM also revealed that they have written to the Inspector General of Government and Bank of Uganda notifying them about the matter but that both institutions have never responded, an indication that none of them is willing to recover the dime or compel Mpanga to refund it.

Because of the reluctance from both the IGG and BoU to fight this fraudulent enrichment, the UPYM warned that as tax payers they will not give up on their efforts to make Mpanga vomit the dime and show accountability for the same.

Also, in a letter dated 23rd October, 2019, addressed to Bowmans Gilfillan Africa Group under the tittle 'Complaint against Bad Business Practices, Dishonesty, Unethical Behavior, Conflict of Interest and Lack of Professional Ethics by Mr. David F. F. Mpanga and AF Mpanga Advocates’ UPYM want AF Mpanga and Mpanga punished for their reported bad dealings.

In the letter which highlights some of Mpanga's dealings that are said to be unethical, the youths argue that it is undesirable for a group like Bowmans to have characters such as Mpanga and AF Mpanga within the chain of law firms under their name because it contravenes the regulations and principles of Bowmans.

"As Bowmans, you have a duty to put your partners and members in line, all sorts of scandals have happened under your watch and not even once have you come out to condemn the actions of your partner (David F. K. Mpanga and Bowmans AF Mpanga Advocates) or even apologize to the public, previous clients and parties who have been humiliated publically and financially by people they trusted as their legal minds since lawyers are secret keepers and that's why they have the utmost fiduciary relationship with clients," a letter signed by Sempala reads.

Sempala in the letter also wants Bowmans to take extreme interest in Mr. David F. K. Mpanga's lack of ethics ‘because it directly affect the wider image of Bowmans as a group together with your present and future clientele.’

“We request that you not only condemn the actions of Mr. David F. K. Mpanga and Bowmans AF Mpanga Advocates in the strongest terms but further carry out extensive investigations into his negative actions/or omissions and bad practices and further also apologize to previous clients and other parties for any misdeeds occasioned to them,

We further request that you cease operations with Mr. David F. K. Mpanga because his track record of excellence in the legal profession has been tainted by the worst forms of evils any advocate and for the matter a senior barrister would desire to have attached to their record of service towards clients and the public at large.” the letter reads.

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