Difference Between Shell V-Power And Shell Fuel Save And The Respective Benefits

By Paul Duke Kaganzi

Shell V-Power (SVP) and Shell Fuel Save (SFS) Unleaded are both unleaded gasoline (petrol) fuels. In Uganda today the law dictates that petrol fuel imported by different dealers for our local fuel market from the Mombasa or Eldoret refineries and abroad are supposed to be unleaded.

Shell V-Power (SVP) and Shell Fuel Save (SFS) unleaded petrol fuels are composed differently to provide unique benefits which meet individual drivers’ needs. SVP and SFS Unleaded are both designed with additives which improve engine economy, protection and overall performance. 

Shell V-Power is a unique premium petrol designed with a metal free formulation and advanced technology to allow an engine to achieve it full power potential. SVP is Petrol with higher octane rating (RON) 95. Other regular petrol or gasoline fuels on the market including SFS unleaded have a lower octane rating of 93. Unleaded petrol with higher octane rating, such as SVP, burns slower than lower octane unleaded petrol. 

The slow burn prevents premature combustion or auto ignition at the same time as the spark ignition. Shell V-Power’s higher RON prevents premature ignition and allows timely ignition during combustion which prevents harmful and power robbing cylinder knock or ping. Motorists who fuel their engines with Shell V-Power experience the thrill of a powerful engine performance while keeping their engine intake valves clean and free of harmful or wasteful deposits. 

Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol has been formulated to last longer by reducing energy losses in the engine while keeping the engine intake valves clean. Shell Fuel Save Unleaded (petrol) is suitable for the motorists who want to save money by driving further on each litre of fuel.

Shell V-Power is procured from abroad and transported in special containers on special marine vessels and trucks because its formulation and octane rating are different. Shell Fuel Save (SFS) Unleaded starts its journey as main grade regular petrol when it is procured from the refineries at Mombasa and Eldoret, where all the other fuel suppliers in Uganda procure their regular petrol (gasoline) fuel.

Shell issues inspection certificates of the unleaded petrol which is transported under strict surveillance to our Kampala main depot where it is off loaded after testing samples in the on-site lab. During off loading the petrol is channeled through an automated additivation machine which mixes it with the Shell Fuel Save additives.

Shell Fuel Save Unleaded petrol and Shell V-Power are formulated with efficiency improver chemicals. The chemical additives in these two Shell fuels increase fuel economy by keeping the engine intake valves free of harmful corrosion and wasteful deposits (gunk) which prevent efficient petrol burning.

Shell Fuel Save unleaded and Shell V-Power are both designed with Friction Modification Technology (FMT) a chemical which lubricates the upper piston ring, where engine oil ordinarily does not reach. This helps to reduce energy loss and engine damage caused by friction between the piston and cylinder surface during the combustion cycles. 

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