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Kamwokya School Gets Promised Sanitary Toilets

Construction of good modern sanitary toilets at Good Samaritan Primary School in Kamwokya, Kampala suburb Friday commenced with a team from The Ruparelia Foundation leading way to the realization of this promise.

The money for setting up the sanitation facilities are proceeds from the Royal Ascot Goat Races social event that took place on October 12, 2019, at Speke Resort Munyonyo.

The Goat Races, Uganda’s most popular social events, that take place at Speke Resort was this year bigger, merrier and as always extravagant fashion. It provided a platform for revelers to network and mix business with pleasure.

Several companies sponsored this year’s edition of the goat races. These included Tusker Malt Lager, Ruparelia Group, 88.2 Sanyu FM, Goldstar Insurance, Speke Resort Munyonyo, Robbialac, and NTV Uganda.

And now the money that was raised from this social event is helping the ghetto people of Kamwokaya with better eco-friendly toilets. Rajiv Ruparelia said the charity was aimed at improving the sanitation in the slums of Kampala.

The state of sanitation many Kampala slums and in particular Kamwokya has been found to be wanting and initiatives by corporates like the Ruparelia Foundation come in handy to uplift the healthy living standards of the people who live there.

The Ruparelia Foundation works to improve and promote health, education, sports, general welfare, and poverty eradication, improve livelihoods, support the welfare of wildlife and preservation of the environment by fostering partnerships among businesses, corporations, with the government, non-governmental organization and individuals.

PHOTOS: When The Goats Raced At The Royal Ascot Goat Races In Munyonyo

The Royal Ascot Goat Races, Uganda’s most popular social event reclaimed its spot on the social scene as the year’s biggest fete.


Not even the morning drizzle could keep away Kampala A-list party lovers who thronged in hordes ready to party.


Powered by Tusker Malt Lager, the social event is indeed bigger and better with its unique sporty-fashion and picnic vibe at its traditional home, Speke Resort Munyonyo.


Just after midday, the day’s event emcees, Salvado and Malaika announced that first race was about to kick off the day’s main attractions, goats racing.


Goats are not known for athleticism, so they had to be prodded to the finish line with minders pushing a cart behind them.


Short of that, they would have chosen to graze the grass. Many of the goats grabbed a mistake to grab a grassy bite much to the chagrin of the owners.


Owners of the winning goats returned home richer so did the revelers who put in an extra effort to pull off a better than all in terms of fashion.


By the time the sun decided to take a rest, the attention was shifting from the goats races to the beers, wines, spirits, sodas and gins in the sponsored tents.

20 Amazing Photos Captured From KISU Summer Camp You Must Take A Look At

The month of July has been a period of adventure, discovering new global things and bonding at Kampala International School Kampala (KISU) as students took part in the 2019 Summer Camp.

Under the theme: Traveling the world in four weeks; the Summer Camp took place from 1st July to 26th July 2019 with lots of specially curated fun activities for children from age 2 to age 16.

The Summer Camp provided a platform for out bonding camping, creative activities, fun activity program, and fun outdoor activities.

For these services, parents parted with a manageable Shs45, 000 per day, including lunch, for their children to participate.

According to the program, kids between 2 – 8 years enjoyed a kid’s camp while the older ones of 9-16 years enjoyed a sports camp. The day’s activities commenced at 8:00 am to 2:30 pm every weekday.

The Summer Camp provided an educational and leisure activities in a safe, well-supervised environment.

KISU employed qualified teachers, assistant teachers and tutors to ensure the success of the Summer Camps.

Children needed to bring a lunch box with a morning snack, as well as a water bottle and lunch was provided by the school. Water was available to refill their bottles.

The Summer Camp for kids between 2 – 8 years incorporated educational and fun activities, including music, drama, dance, art and craft, Physical Education, cookery, video, bike club, games, swimming and IT.

Supervision was available from 8:00 am - 2:30 pm.

While the Summer Camp for kids between 9-16 years offered a variety of sporting activities ran by expert coaches.

Participants had daily swimming activities in the KISU swimming pool before lunch.


More keen swimmers took advantage of the Swimming Squad sessions that happened earlier at 8:00 am each morning.


The KISU Sports Camp programme included sports like cricket, football, basketball, hockey and rugby.


KISU, established in 1993 with 67 students, has grown steadily over time. It currently accommodates about 600 students representing 60 nationalities.


Its state-of-the-art facilities include four science labs, three computer labs, three music rooms, three performance areas, an indoor gym, outdoor basketball court and a 25 metre eight-lane competition swimming pool.


Others are two libraries, smart boards in most classrooms and a five-acre playing field. It has accreditation status with CIS, NEASC and IBO.


Students participate in an extensive range of extracurricular activities including outdoor education and overseas trips, to diverse destinations such as The UK, France, Italy, Mount Kilimanjaro and a yearly ski trip in Europe.


The holistic education also fosters involvement in community-building activities.

Comedy Continues To Breathe Life Into Rock Bar

Nightlife in Kampala comes in many shapes, colors and sound but also, sometimes, it comes with so much laughter courtesy of comedy nights in various hangout places.


Comedy nights have earned a big presence on the night roaster in Kampala and have in the end become a darling for people who would want to kill off some stress. And Rock Bar and Grill at Speke Hotel has fast become the place to be for comedy every Tuesday evening.


Premised in the heart of Kampala, Rock Bar is riding on the advantage of being accessible to take the throne of being the number one comedy spot with the Rock Comedy Show which is sponsored by Sanyu Fm.


Rock Bar has a good ambiance, another advantage which has been worked on over the years the bar has served Kampala. It only improves and gets better.


The Rock Comedy Show is respected by partiers because of the kind of comedians that perform – these comedy stars ride on experience, artistry and talent. They have been in the game for long to falter.


Even the upcoming comedians are learning from the best, building their craft with accurancy, confidence and art.


Some of the comedians who perform at Rock Bar include Snake and Zolo, Smart Ayokyayokya, Musiimenta Ronnie McVex, The Talkers, Mc Mariach, adrat and Chiko, Senga Nantume Justin, Jajja Bruce, Okello okello, Niro & Brown.


These are often backed up by singers and instrumentalists to complete the puzzle. Music and comedy are synonymous and live together. Happy k – saxophonist and other talented muscians have graced the stage at Rock Bar along comedy.


Rock Bar & Grill has everything you could want on your menu of choice. The legendary bar is renowned in Kampala for being awash will all sorts of drink and delicious food.


PHOTOS: When Nhial Bol, Ssekamaanya Won Miss Victoria University

Achan Nhial Bol and Robert Ssekamaanya were the lucky ones when Victoria University held this year’s beauty contest at the scenic Speke Resort Munyonyo.


Nhial Bol, a student of bachelor of nursing sciences, won Miss University. Ssekamaanya, a student of Science in Oil and Gas, won Mr Victoria University.


Nhial Bol, a South Sudanese defeated five other girls to become queen of Victoria University. She replaces Namuli Precious Priscilla whose came to an end.


Leah Kagasa, the reigning Miss Uganda, led a panel of judges who presided over the pompous function. Ssekamaanya defeated three others to become king of his University.


Other notable awards of the night included Miss and Mr congeniality, popularity, creative and culture.


The event's sponsors included Speke Resort Munyonyo, Mpaka Records of Ykee Benda, International School of Modeling, Joram Model Management, Calabash Spa and Saloon, Yvonnetash, Awesome Beauty Parlour, and NBS TV.


The University promoter Rajiv Ruparelia and wife Naiya attended the glamorous event where singer Ykee Benda of Mpaka Records performed energetically.


Victoria University, is one of the best universities in Uganda, and stands out as a centre of academic excellence. It offers a fresh and intellectually stimulating environment that nurtures critical thinkers.


The university was opened in August 2010 and has the capacity, the facilities and determination to revitalize higher education in Uganda and in the region.  


The University has four faculties - Business and Management, Health Science, Humanities and Social Science, Science and Technology.


It also has a department of Petroleum and Gas. It offers masters, bachelors, diplomas, certificates, short courses and foundation courses for international students.

PHOTOS: How Victoria University Partied At Freshets’ Ball

It was not an ordinary day as continuing students of Victoria University led by their Guild President Maria Peggy Nabunya welcomed new students (also known as freshers) to the Jinja road based University at a party held at Kampala Parents School last Saturday.


The fresher’s ball started as early as 6pm on a laid down Saturday evening before the energetic students fired it up to hype the tempo and vibe. Food and drinks were on the house to further fine tune the evening.


Namugerwa Sherry, a Bachelor of tourism and hotel management student said she chose Victoria University because it is international, loves where it is located, has friendly lecturers and is not congested.


Mubito who is studying Social work and social administration degree said he was inspired to join Victoria University by testimonies from students who have studied from the University.


Victoria University is continuing to exert its presence on Uganda’s academic scene by beefing its teaching staff, installing new facilities for learners, introducing new courses and providing learners an environment that is condusive and enables them to learn.


It also recently held a vice chancellors dinner where 44 students were treated to an all p aid dinner at La Paronis for exceptionally performing well in the previous semester. This was done to motivate and encourage students to perform well academically. 


The dinner at La Paronis was attended by the Deans of various Faculties and the Academic Registrar who took turns in encouraging the students to pursue academics with seriousness and keep their performance high always. Students were also presented with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their academic achievement.


The Ruparelia Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Ruparelia Group which owns Victoria University has announced that they will in the Academic year 2019/2020 give out over 1,100 scholarships to youths joining Victoria University.


The scholarships are aimed at uplifting the lives of underprivileged Ugandans especially the youth, Rajiv Ruparelia, a director of the Foundation in a letter to the ministry of education.


The scholarships are to cater to the students who are offering the following courses; Faculty of Health Sciences (200 scholarships), Faculty of Business Management (150), Faculty of science and Technology (200), Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (250) and lastly, Department of Petroleum and Energy Studies (300).

PHOTOS: Fanfare As Ruparelia Group Hold Sports 2019 Day

Many people abandon their talents to pursue formal education. Many times you cannot know someone is talented in a specific sport until they are given a chance to display it. This was proven during this year’s Ruparelia Sports Day which was held at Kampala International School Uganda.


Many employees of the various subsidiaries of Ruparelia Group rested their office were for the jerseys, boots and other sports costumes compete for the pride and various individual and team rewards for the winners. The sports day is also used as a day for the group’s employees to network and bond.


This year, Kampala Parents School has been declared as the overall winner of 2019 Ruparelia group of companies sports Gala Award with 475 points. Rose bud emerged the second with 395 points followed by Munyonyo Speke Resort which scored 390 points.

Crane Management boss Rajiv Ruparelia handing over an award to Kampala parents principal The 4th Annual Gala attracted about 800 participants from the subsidiary companies of the Ruparelia group.


Speaking at the long day Gala  held at Kampala International School Uganda one of the directors of Ruparelia Group Sheena Ruparelia  said the event is aimed at promoting team working, physical fitness and good relationship among the their employees.

The  companies participated in sports disciplines including football,  wheel borrow race, athletics, egg and spoon race and , sack race, Tag of war, Scrabble among others.


Ruparelia Group has invested in sectors like banking, insurance, hospitality, conventions and leisure centres, education, real estate and agriculture.

In the hospitality sector, the group established Kabira Country Club, Speke Hotel, Speke Apartments, Speke Resort and Conference Centre, Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort, Dolphin Suites, Tourist Hotel, Forest Cottages and Speke Resort Bujagali Falls.


In the education it has Public International School and Victoria University Kampala. The group owns Sanyu Fm, a pioneer local radio station, own two of the leading flower farmers and exporters in the country, Rosebud and Premier Roses.


Under Meera Investments and Crane Management, the group has established some of the country’s iconic arcades, hotels, apartments and real estate establishments. In the financial sector, the group owns Goldstar insurance, forex bureaus and a commercial bank.

PHOTOS: When Victoria University Hosted Academic Giants At VC’s Dinner

It is an academic tradition in many Institutions of Higher learning to list students on the Vice Chancellor list. These “academic giants” get themselves listed in recognition for their outstanding performance.


While this tradition could go unnoticed and not felt by the students as a motivation factor for many Institutions, Victoria University brings the tradition to vibrancy by hosting the students to a dinner every semester.  


This April, the 44 students that accessed this prestigious honor in the previous semester have been hosted to a special dinner at La Paroni restaurant along Parliamentary Avenue.


The students were treated to a dinner and presented with a Certificate of Achievement in recognition of their academic achievement. This was on Saturday 6th April 2019; a day that has gone down in the annals of our University and will always be cherished by the beneficiaries.


In attendance were the Deans of various Faculties and the Academic Registrar who took turns in encouraging the students to pursue academics with seriousness and keep their performance high always. 


In his words the Vice Chancellor – Assoc. Prof Krishna N. Sharma, encouraged students, reminding them that education should be able to transform the mind and grow in every individual unique ability to enable them succeed in life.


As a university, emphasis on experiential learning is not accidental but rather cautious since the world tomorrow shall require dynamic and flexible citizens ready to solve the challenges of the day case by case.


He reflected on the University motto, Come prepared to learn, Leave prepared to succeed urging students to always aim high in both academic and social spheres of life.


This celebration is held semester wise as a University tradition. It is hosted by the Vice Chancellor’s office in honor of the best performing students with GPA of 4.4 and above.

PHOTOS: Hard Work Pays For Kampala Parents PLE Candidates

Kampala Parents was a filled to the brim with jubilations as pupils and parents stormed the Naguru based school to celebrate the good performance the school registered in last primary leaving examination (PLE).

 Kampala Parents Schools continues to be a centre of academic excellence after it registered a 100 percent performance in the 2018 national primary seven exams. 234 pupils who sat for the exams passed in first grade.

Daphine Kato, the Kampala Parent’s Principal thanked the directors for appropriately equipping the school with all the necessities that “keep the school on top.”

“God is good and He has always been on our side,” she said adding: “Children who are going to secondary school, congratulations. Continue working hard, put our school on the map and be role models.”

Atukunda Michelle, who got aggregate five thanked God for what the Almighty had done for her while her mother Tina Bwesigye thanked the school for putting in a lot of effort ‘to make sure that the children excel,’

“I want to thank my daughter, she put in a lot of effort. I helped her but she was also listening to me.” Bwesigye said of her exceling daughter.

Nandutu Alisa, with six aggregate was a bit unpleased because she expected to score four, nonetheless she thanked ‘God for the aggregates that I got’. 

Namanya Alvin, with aggregate 6 said he was enthusiastic, Ayebale Patience said she worked head, read her book and now she wants to join Gayaza High School. Mugasha Brian, also with aggregate 6 was disappointed for not getting aggregate four, he blames it on grading. He now wants to join Kings College Buddo.

Atukunda Elizabeth, with aggregate 4 thanked God for protecting her throughout the year 2018. “I would like to thank my teachers for teaching me and for giving me the all the knowledge that I needed to pass my exams.”

Namara Rachael said “I am very grateful to God and my parents and to the school because I got aggregate five. Kampala Parents is a nice school. It offers holistic education, the facilities are good and the teachers here are very kind and friendly.”


PHOTOS: Victoria University Showcases Diverse Cultural Heritage

It was a colorful show of cultural allegiance and sense of belonging as students of Victoria University from ten different countries showcased their cultural prowess during the university’s International Cultural Day. 


The annual event brings together students at a gala-like event to exhibit what their respective countries can offer in terms of attires (costumes and clothes), food and drinks and music and dance.


This year, students from Uganda, DR Congo, South Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria, Somalia, Rwanda, India, Eritrea and Burundi proudly told tales about their cultures through preparing cooking their cultural dishes and drinks, wearing their iconic dresses and dancing in a way identifiable to their cultures.


Eritrea walked away victorious in the attire and food categories. The Eritrean male students wore the kidan habesha (ije tebab) while the females wore the zuria to win the culture attire category.


In the food category they prepared a tiqrinia ethnic foods which included the shiro, tebsi, ades, ziqnia, himbasha and derho all served with injera. They also prepared areki (an alcoholic drink), sewa (a traditional drink) and performed a coffee ceremony.


Alberta Horlu, a female student, was the only student representing Ghana; she won the dancing competition with a solo dance act. She performed three traditional dances from Accra, Volta region and southern Ghana. The dances, she said, are performed for kings, during marriage ceremonies and other traditional events.


Uganda despite being hosts walked away empty handed. Led by the Guild President Penny Maria Nabunya mainly four cultures in Uganda - they represented Busoga, Buganda, Ankole and Acholis from northern Uganda. 


Burundi combined efforts with Rwanda to put up an energetic performances and entertainment particularly the dancing backed by drummers. Unlike the Burundians, the Somalis dances were gentle and romantic.


Somalia and South Sudan had plenty of dishes to showcase and either of them could easily have been winners in the food category had it not been for Eritrea’s better organizational skills.


Somali notably had camel meat and milk, xalwo, barris (rice), suur, cambuulo (peas) and canfeero while South Sudan prepared kisra, kop, kombo, tangalia, basta, blaah sham, foul, suksukania, kabis, weaka, kedekede juice and gudegade. Horlu of Ghana had kelewele, jolof rice and soup.

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