Top 8 Super Immune-Boosting Foods In Uganda

Sweet potatoes INTERNET PHOTO Sweet potatoes


Uganda is endowed with all sorts of food that your body needs. Living a healthy lifestyle is now trending globally, because of some reasons such as the high expense of medical care. Research shows that our body’s pH balance affects our overall health and many foods we eat can make us too acidic where unhealthy cells can thrive. 

Especially now, where the many viruses and cancers have become the topic of most discussions, it’s important to know that the natural remedies produced by your own immune system, provide the most effective healing agents on earth. hellofood advises on how to boost your immune system and offers a wide choice of restaurants to eat well even when you're in a rush.  

Garlic – Although a lot of us shy away from eating this food - perhaps because of its pungent smell and its popular reputation for causing bad breath - the garlic is however, a powerhouse of properties that boost the immune system and has over the years, been used as a medicine to prevent and treat a wide range of diseases. Including this to your diet on a regular basis could do a whole lot of good so add a few chopped cloves to your cooking, if you cannot have it raw. 

Yogurt – In recent years, so-called “good bacteria” was found in foods like yogurt and sauerkraut, which may help your immune system work well and improve digestion. This healthy and delicious source of protein contains probiotics which lines intestinal walls that helps to fend off harmful bacteria like salmonella in your body. Intake can increase the white blood cell count which helps keeping your immune system in check. 

Lemon - This precious fruit brings amazing benefits to your health. It is a natural energizer, hydrating and oxygenating the body so it feels revitalized and refreshed. Lemons contain lots of antioxidants and are rich in vitamin C, which improves the immune system. It is also known to improve digestion. Drinking lemon water alkalizes the body, hence balances your pH level. 

Avocado - It’s a real 'Super Food'. Avocados, which are actually classified as a fruit, are rich in monounsaturated fat that is easily burned for energy. This increases our healthy fat and calorie intake without seriously increasing our protein or carbohydrate intake. It is also helpful for blood sugar health- aids in regulating and stabilizing blood sugar, contains lutein which protects your eyes from age related degeneration. 

Spinach – Popeye didn’t pop this one for nothing. Spinach is packed with numerous antioxidants and vitamins to include Vitamin C, E and A. The nutrients in spinach encourage the white blood cells production in the body which helps guard against diseases. 

Oysters – Thanks to the mineral zinc that's found in oysters. Low zinc levels have been associated with male infertility. And zinc appears to have some antiviral effect, although researchers can't explain why. However, they do know it is important to several immune system tasks including healing wounds.

Sweet Potatoes - Sweet potatoes provide a rich concentration of nutrients and disease fighting components. Several recent studies have shown the superior ability of sweet potatoes to raise our blood levels of vitamin A. Vitamin A is an immune enhancer that heightens the antibody response, maintains and restores the integrity and function of all mucosal surfaces. 

Elderberry- An old folk remedy, extract from these dark berries appears to block flu viruses in test tube studies. But scientists caution that further study is needed. The fruit itself is rich in antioxidants and may also have the ability to fight inflammation. 

To awaken our vehicle, we should invest in our health and our bodies by making conscious decisions to monitor what we ingest. A little goes a long way and by cultivating these healthy habits, our bodies would be better equipped to fend off unwanted diseases. Our body is the only thing which we have that we can truly call ours, so treat it with care.


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